I Created a Pay Stub Online

I wanted to find an online paystub maker that would not cost me a lot of money. I had looked at a few local accountants and bookkeepers for this service, but their prices were just too ridiculous for the small amount of work that I needed done. I know that they are professionally trained and deserve to earn a good living, but I also deserve fair prices for something that will only take a few minutes to do. I was happy to see that there was an option that was both easy and very affordable.

It is so affordable because I am able to fill out the template myself for what I needed on the pay stub. It is good for both employers as well as contractors, and it looks very professional to boot. I had all of the information with me, so I decided to test it out as soon as I found it. The site walked me through everything, and all I had to do was input various pieces of information like the person’s name that I wanted to give the pay stub to as well as his social security number.

I filled out the company info, then I had to put in the amount of hours worked and the pay rate. Finally, I was able to put in a few deductions that were mutually agreed upon before the work was even done. All of that took me maybe four minutes tops, and that is just because I am not a quick typist at all. I paid for it right there on the site, and I went to my email to see if there was anything there yet. It had been sitting in my inbox for a couple of minutes, so the response time is immediate. I am so thankful something like this exists!