Indian paypal policy increased expenses for indian paypal account holders

In most countries, paypal is an online wallet, and the money in the paypal account can be used for purchasing and selling items, receiving payment. However in india, large corporates like google, tata bribed the indian government to force paypal to change the policy, and indian paypal account holders find that the balance in their paypal account is withdrawn automatically to their indian bank account, after deducting paypal fees of about 10%
If these paypal account holders wish to make payment to any of their vendors outside india using paypal, they are again losing 10% due to currency conversion, paypal fees, increasing their losses, or reducing their profit
If indian citizens were allowed to use the paypal wallet like citizens of other countries they would make more profit with their online business as they are not required to pay currency conversion fees twice. However google, tata wanted the balance to be auto withdrawn so that they could monitor the revenues of all the paypal account holders, and then commit atrocities on the paypal account holders, to cause financial losses, force them to take up a job, acquire talent and technology cheaply